About Us

Welcome to Luxe Bathroom Vanities! We are a family business that offers you immediate access to state of the art, unique and luxurious bathroom vanities. If you’re looking to take your bathrooms visual appeal to the next level, then you need to invest in the right vanities and we are here to assist. We created our website with the idea of helping customers gain access to only the best and most interesting vanities on the market. As a family business, we are always focused on offering our customers a homey, yet premium feel that brings in an extraordinary experience at any given time. We are an honest, hard-working and professional team that’s always here to help you find amazing vanities without a massive price point!

Our focus with Luxe Bathroom Vanities is to offer outstanding customer support, high tier and luxurious products, as well as a very good deal with every product. Although we are based in Saint Louis, MO, we have offices all over the country. We ship every product worldwide via First Class Priority Mail, UPS and FedEx.

Ever since we started our business in 2018, we’ve always been focused on value, quality and delivering the best results on the market. Our focus is always on pushing the boundaries and we are adding new luxury vanities all the time. This way you won’t have a problem taking your bathroom’s look to the next level.

It’s very important for us to bring in front the ultimate experience, and we guarantee that you will be impressed with the results every time. Our shipping process is also very fast and convenient, so you can rest assured that every item you purchase will arrive quickly and without any worries. All you have to do is to give Luxe Bathroom Vanities a try today and we guarantee you will have an amazing experience every time.

We value and appreciate our customers and always strive to ensure that they are very happy with the results. We also have a customer support team that’s always there to assist. Contact us today and don’t hesitate to browse our website for the best and most impressive, luxurious bathroom vanities on the market!

If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch!